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The Global Conscious Movement  is  a global advisory group (created from a social network of brilliant minds ...which includes you) providing creative and scalable solutions  to increase conscious capability within  organisations, communities and  our individual lifestyles.  

We  work to create a deeper understanding  around social impact and   collaborate  only  with those committed to purpose and transformative  change.


Our Values


We live and breathe our values in everything we do


About Global Conscious Movement

We are here  to assist all of you who believe in building a  brighter future.

For all of you adventure seeking courageous business leaders and entrepreneurs.

For all of you mothers that are creating our next generations.

For all of you professionals seeking to find another way.

For all of you who understand the commitment and responsibility we have to each other.

For all of you who understand conscious living and business  come before all else.

For all of you who remember the essence of humanity.

For those of you ready to  extend your hand to light the way so that together we become the global conscious movement that we are meant to be.

For the dance that is the movement. 


Our Services

Ready to Move?

Global Conscious Movement  is building  a network of experts who understand that societal change will only occur in our systems and institutions  through collaboration and sharing our collective experience. We are stronger together.

Learn more about  the events we curate and what we offer with  
helping you create  more conscious organisations and  communities. E-mail  us directly  if you’d like to meet with one of our team members.


Conscious Conversations

Small conscious changes made in our lives should not be underestimated as to  the  butterfly effect and impact they can have on our  global infrastructure.  You are the change.

Make sure you watch our video series of intimate conscious conversations discussing a variety of topics including consumerism, fashion, food and the oceans with visionaries, influencers and everyday people who lead the way in  being conscious.

If you want to share your story with the world and raise awareness around a conscious topic then write for our blog and we will happily publish it  on our platform. 


Advisory Network

Utilising the power of connection, creativity and collaboration to create a culture of excellence.

Our  growing network of trusted professionals work across numerous sectors and industries to help you analyse, understand and create systemic  and transformative  change.  We also   work with leaders to  align objectives and  create exceptional relationships.  Trust that you’re in great hands and  get in touch if you want to join or work with  our network or become a partnership organisation. This is a collective movement so we need you.


Conscious Gatherings

Unique and Unforgettable

We create unique, unforgettable experiences and conversations in imaginative settings to enhance creative thinking and assist collective re-imagining of how our society, systems  and organisations work. We have already presented to All Parliamentary Party Groups, hosted  the Trial of Socrates to teach compassion,  hosted conferences  with large corporates and held  conversations within the cities largest creative parties. Rest assured  we can create something bespoke for your teams, communities and organisations.

Interested in how our services can help you? E-mail us at info@globalconscious.co.uk


Contact Us

Any questions  or  if you want to work with us  in hosting a gathering or event or being part of our conversations  we would  love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today. Email us at info@globalconscious.co.uk 

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