Time for Festivals and Conscious Conversations!! Join Safia Iman in conversation at the "MakeMore" and "Shambala" Festivals this August! Don't forget those sequins .....

August 10, 2018



So the summer is in full swing, festivals are inspiring revellers up and down the country and the Global Conscious Movement won't be missing out on any of the fun!  We will be  sending Founder Safia Iman to hit some of the stages to discuss all manner of conscious issues with  you beautiful people in the sunshine…


Look out for our opening 4pm talk on the 23rd August 2018  to the “MakeMore” festival  crowd at the gorgeous Victoria Park in London.


Joined by Jennifer Best Director of POCO tapas bar, (the incredible Bristol based zero waste cafe sourcing only organic, local and ethical ingredients). Come  and immerse yourself in discovering the Art of Eating Consciously  with both of these fabulous  ladies who are leading their organisation by conscious example.   


The Art of Eating Consciously discussion will explore concepts such as how a community can embrace  zero waste, ethical supply chains, and no plastic use. This  is going to be one of the most important conversations you will be part of this year!!


Safia Iman will also be getting back to nature with revellers and experiencing  adventures in Utopia at the Shambala festival in the Garden O' Feeden on the 26th August 2018. Read more about the festival here. www.shambalafestival.org.  


The Global Conscious Movement will be kicking off the food choices debate -  Why do you eat what you eat?  in the Garden O’Feeden. Come and join us for some deep conversations with a lot of humour added into the mix. 


Safia Iman will be joining an expert panel to discuss Why do we eat what we eat? How do we decide where to buy food from? What drives us to make the food choices that we do? Leaders of various food perspectives join  together in the Garden O’ Feeden for a discussion on the what, where and why of our food choices, and to send you off for another year of thinking more consciously about what you eat.


So get those sequins out, bring your imagination and creativity and  join us for thought provoking conversations as a conscious collective. 





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