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Are global institutions really able to collaborate and sort out this global mess we are in?

So we all have heard it – together we are stronger….but the question on my lips is are we really ? Are we really capable of thinking and working together to solve some of the worlds most complex problems because lots of our organisations haven't been able to turn the tide

Recent examples of collaborative working this year have included the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, where 200 nations passed a resolution to eliminate plastic pollution in our oceans . The UK government issued a press release earlier this year which indicated that countries from across the Commonwealth have today pledged to eliminate avoidable single use plastic in an ambitious bid to clean up the world’s oceans- the question is how did we get into this fine mess? And are we really able to get ourselves out of it? Having failed to solve so many of our complex global issues will government organisations really deliver?

The answer is simple - competition has driven us all here and now organisations and leaders are beginning to recognise that because our society is moving at such a fast pace and it is exceptionally interconnected, the time has come for organisational self-interests to be put to one side in order to have a substantial collective impact to ensure that we halt the inevitable cataclysm on our planet and ourselves .

This however is not just for the larger organisations – who quite simply have failed to respond to the fact that we were accelerating on a path to such devastating consequences on a plethora of matters. It is now an era for non- conventional partnerships to collaborate , for us all to come together from all walks of life and bring our best selves to the table whilst not listening to the noise of those trying to brand our collective wellness and make as much money out of it as possible.

Collaboration however must be done properly . It is not a simply case of bringing people together. It is a complex coming together of minds that requires boundaries, dialogue, respect and ready to let our self-interests die. Before they can be put to aside we need to identify them first and detach from them. GCM is committed to collaboration and proudly centres it on the concept of LOVE. An emotion long romanticised on our big screenS. It is time for it come into the boardrooms.

I can’t help but hide a wry smile when I see those who have made millions on the capitalist market over the years and successful competition was considered the only test for investing and we all know industries such tobacco, gambling, fast foods were invested in without consideration or a balancing on the impact on our collective wellness who are now talking about social impact investing. Perhaps they may just want to give some of their money back? Why don’t we talk about that over a cup tea boys and girls about how much you owe the collective from investing in infrastructures and organisations that have literally brought us to our knees.

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